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A Few Good Reasons To Drink Tea

Now I can’t say I’m as much of an avid tea and coffee drinker as my friend Tony Boutagy, but I do enjoy a cup of tea and/or coffee daily.


Allow me to delve a little deeper into the reasons why tea is such a wonderful addition to virtually anybody’s diet


1. Tea Fights Cancer!

All four kinds of nonherbal tea (green, black, white and red) come from a plant known as Cammelia Sinensis. The leaves of this plant contain an array of polyphenols. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, many of which have anticancer activity. Numerous studies have reported that the active ingredient in green tea inhibits the growth and reproduction of cancer cells and may help prevent several types of cancers in humans.


2. Drinking Black Tea Can Prevent Stroke and Heart Attack

It has been shown that drinking black tea can help reverse an abnormal functioning of blood vessels that can contribute to stroke or heart attack.


3. Drink Tea To Lower Cholesterol

Drinking tea (both black or green) lowers triglycerides, and high triglycerides are strongly associated with a high risk of cardiovascular disease.


4. Drink Tea To Feel Happy

There is a substance in green tea called theanine that improves mood and increases the sense of relaxation.


5. Drinking Tea To Decrease Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is linked with disease and in some cases an inability to shift body composition. The good news is that the powerful antioxidant qualities of green tea have been shown to lower inflammation in the body.


6. Green Tea For Weight Loss

Not only does green tea have so many promising health benefits – ingesting the extract Epogalocatechin gallate (the active ingredient in green tea) has been proven to increase the rate of fat oxidation.


It does this in two ways: It increases adrenaline and noradrenaline activity resulting in higher concentrations of catecholamines and stimulation of lipolysis making more fatty acids available for oxidation.


There is also evidence that the active ingredient in green tea promotes temporary increases in metabolic rate.


A study was done recently that found subjects who ingested green tea extract the night before and one hour before 30 minutes of cycling increased fat metabolism by 20%. However, the dose used was a highly concentrated form of the active ingredient in green tea that would equate to drinking 1L of green tea!


Now I don’t know about you – but drinking one litre of green tea pre-workout is just not something that would sit well with me. For this reason, green tea extract in the form of a capsule of tablet may be something more conducive to your lifestyle to take pre-workout.


So there it is! Good for your heart – good for your health.  Delicious, relaxing … Stay tuned for the next chapter: A Few Good Reasons To Drink Coffee!


-V x



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