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Damage Control: 6 Steps To Minimize Your Risk Of Getting Sick This Winter

As we start to approach winter and the dreaded flu season, people are getting taken down left right and centre.


People are coughing and spluttering all over you on the train … at work … It is clearly time for: damage control.


What can you do this winter to boost your health, and minimize the risk of getting taken down with the rest of the poor souls out there?


I bring to you: 6 steps to minimize your risk of getting sick this winter.


#1 Take a Multivitamin


I’m sure you’ve heard this one a million times before – it’s a no brainer.


Everybody should be taking a good quality multivitamin daily.


The multivitamin is full of ‘the good guys’ – vitamins and minerals that you will not be getting in high enough doses from diet alone.


#2 Take Fish Oil

Supplementing daily with good quality fish oil liquid and/or capsules is crucial for optimal health.


… Your joints, eyes and heart will thank you!


I don’t know one trainer or doctor that wouldn’t suggest you take fish oil. So get on the bandwagon (if you haven’t already).


Increased mental focus, energy and reduced inflammation are some of the fabulous benefits that await you.


#3 Supplement Vitamin D (If Your Levels Are Low) 

Vitamin D has been identified as a common deficiency amongst people that is contributing to numerous health problems.


Vitamin D is synthesized in the body in response to sun exposure.


If vitamin D levels are low and/or you are not able to spend adequate time in the sun (15 minutes+ of full body exposure per day), I would highly recommend it be taken in supplement form.


Adequate vitamin D levels are critical for optimal bone, muscle, heart, and kidney health. Vitamin D also plays a role in prevention and management of infection, cancer, depression and brain disorders … as well as boosting immunity to top it all off.


If you worry that your vitamin D levels are low – Your GP will be able to do a routine blood test to check them.


Current vitamin D guidelines can be found here:


#4 Wash Your Hands


Another no brainer – but one we are sometimes forgetting.


Everything you are touching at work, on the train and at the gym has been touched numerous times before you!


No need to be a germ-a-phoebe and live in a bubble where you are afraid to touch anything or come into any human contact – our bodies are built to be able to handle germs and fight them off.


But give your body the best chance possible to fight them off by washing your hands numerous times a day (especially before eating, or putting your hands anywhere near your mouth!)


#5 Eat (And Drink) Foods Rich In Nutrients

Your body needs adequate protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in order to perform optimally and combat the nasty bugs floating around, so feed your body with foods full of nutrients this winter.


Make an effort to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables – this will in turn provide your body with an array of phytonutrients.


Our bodies require a smorgasbord of fruit and vegetables in order to get phytonutrients in an array of levels. These particular nutrients serve as antioxidants, increase immunity and protect human health.


Go for variety, colour… and lots of it to really reap the benefits of plant food consumption.


And why not add drinking herbal tea into your daily routine this winter?


You can get immune boosting, detoxifying compounds such as polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids in a single mug of green tea… and something to warm your hands when they feel icy cold – win, win!

#6 Sleep + Train

Aim to sleep 8 – 8.5 hours a night.


Aim to train 3-6 times a week.




… Let’s stay fit and fabulous this winter! 😉


-V x





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